Type, Tips And Treatment Of Hair With Quality Suitable Product

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3 T’S (part 1) OF Hair

                                    TYPE, TIPS AND TREATMENT 

Before I start the topic of hair, I would like to share the basic information with the help of pictures. In this blog, we shall cover tips types and the right treatments (consultants). We always try to provide research-based information the same as google provides us information never say do this do that. We try to use easy and simple words for every common person because no one has time to read books.

In our all blogs, we mention don’t treat your skin or any body part without consulting with certified consultants and doctors (homeopathic or allopathic).  For example, we never go the nonprofessional mechanic with expensive cars. God created us we are all priceless and precious. find a special thing in you. Look at Bruce Willies superstar is still considered the sexiest man (bald and beautiful).

Watching you-tube channels can provide you with information but without going to the university one can’t be a doctor or engineer. So please before using any product check your skin, body, hair type, etc. In case of hair loss more than normal which are 100 per day consult with certified dermatologist beauticians. There are many American, Asia, and European certified consultants who give free advice online as well.

Nearly 90% of your tubers are fake make. At the end of the blog, we have mentioned the name of highly regarded consultants.

Before you undergo any self-treatment by watching You-tube or any recipe book for hair loss we would like to recommend you consult with certified consultants in their respective fields. If you are using any product check your hair type and the expiry of the product. It is my observation that most peoples use the expiry of the product, especially young girls and boys. Even mineral water can destroy your skin or hair. Check the product expiry instead price tag.

Bellafeme.com is a complete beauty solution blog website dedicated to women because healthier women healthy society women are always the jewel on the crown. Flower in the garden.

Hair is an important part of the appearance and creates gender identity.

Hair is a simple structure that is made up of a protein filament called keratin which is the primary component of fingers and toenails.

                                             Human hair divided into two parts

                                                  (1)   First hair roots

Located above epidemic. A hair follicle is the living part of the hair. The hair follicle is the SAC or tube that surrounded the hair root and extends into the dermis. The follicle is surrounded by the inner outer sheath that protects and molds the growing hair shaft. The bottom part of the follicle enlarges into an area of actively growing cells this is called the hair bulb.

Dermal papilla

Small cone-shaped elevation located at the base of the hair follicle.

Composed of connected tissue and nerves and blood vessels that nourishes the germinal matrix. Hair is for by cells in the germinal matrix which undergo mitosis or cell division. Melanocyte cells are located in the germinal matrix and produce the pigment that gives hair its color.

Arrestors pill muscles:-

In volunteers any muscles in the base of the hair follicle the muscles are sensitive. When it contracts we get Goosebumps.

Sebaceous glands

Oil glands in the skin, are connected to the hair follicle. Secrete sebum (fatty oil substance)

                                                                     UPPER SIDE

                                                                 Hair shaft layer of hair

Cuticle outermost larger hair consists of a single overlapping layer of transparent seal-like cells. Protects the inner structure of hair and creates shine and smoothness in cortex middle layer of the hair 90 percent of the total hair weight comes from the cortex.

Elasticity is the result of protein in the cortex.


The innermost layer generally only thick hair and coarse hair content a module.

                                                       Type and Tips

The best way to find out your hair type

  1. Gently wash your hair.
  2. Comb it gently.
  3. Wait till dry without using a dryer.

Hair is divided into 3 types and these types have subtypes (A, B, and C) as the picture shows. Group types and tips are discussed in the following:-

                                                      Type 1 Perfectly Straight 

  • IA is usually not thick at all and extremely soft and fine. Its biggest advantage is that it naturally looks really shiny but its drawback is that it quickly becomes oily and dirty.
  • IB hair on the other hand kinda thick and has great volume near the roots so it looks way full than the 1A hair type
  • 1C hair is thick and has impressive volume. However, it’s almost impossible to curl this type is pretty common among Asian women.

                                                          Tips Group Type-1 straight

First and foremost throw all your essential hair oils away. your hair is already as soft and shiny as it can be so the only thing you should worry about is the volume (especially if you have 1a type of hair ) straight and soft hair like yours gets dirty and oily pretty so try to pick the shampoo that has curative clay as one of the components. it will make your hair stay clean longer another thing that can make a huge difference is exfoliating your scalp at least once a week.

As for hair styling, the best choice for a type is a haircut of any kind. as for the hairstyle cascade haircut of any kind, they will make your hair appear thicker and fuller. the good news is that your strands have nothing against blow dryers so go for it however if you have 1A-type hair you probably already know that it usually doesn’t stay curly or hold volume for long. And this is a great opportunity to get creative with a feminine braid or a high-fashion ponytail.

                                                                Type 2 Wavy   

  • 2a hair is right in between wavy and straight without any styling it tends to form weak S-shaped strands curling a bit at the ends it pretty well for styling: it’s not a problem to make it either super straight or wavy
  • 2B hair has way more visible and prominent S-shaped curls. It can be slightly frizzy as well adhering to the shape of your head
  • 2C hair combines wavy and curly hair its frizzy quickly curls up in humid environments and has tons of volume and generally thicker waves.

                                                Tips for Group type-2  Wavy

Hairstyle and care are completely different. Your main task is to make your hair look thick without it looking crazy and messy. Try to look for shampoos and conditioners with a moisturizing effect. If they also have fruit extracts or herbs as components grab them and let go this is exactly what your hair needs if you notice your hair getting dry throughout the day just put a tiny bit of grape mustard oil near the ends this trick will make your waves looks alive. your hair-drying ritual also changes try to leave your hair at least a little bit wet after blow drying or use cool air. if you don’t want it to look too fluffy. the natural approach also applies when choosing the perfect haircut / make sure to stay away from a dramatic transition in your hairstyle otherwise you’ll be stuck at home with a straightener every single morning.

                                                       Type 3 Curly

  • 3a is shiny and great at taking any form you want it to. This type has a very definite S-shape which makes it appear full and healthy.
  • 3B type has a smaller curl pattern than 3a ranging from spiral-like curls to tight corkscrews. it also has a combination texture.
  • 3c hair is thinner than 3A and 3B but its curls are smaller which makes it appear thicker plus it’s very tight almost to the point of being kinky.

                                                    Tips for Group type-3 Curly

Curly hair has pretty much the same end goal as people of type 2 keeping their curls hydrated / your best option is essential oils though they will keep the moisture in your strands and prevent them from getting too. When picking shampoos or conditioners always make sure that they don’t have sulfate these guys make your hair fluffy and wild. silicone is also your enemy it locks your hair and doesn’t allow any moisture in. Hairdresser Recommends people with this hair type buy a silk pillow ..it will protect your hair from friction. Hairstyle rules for type 3 hair are also similar try to dry your hair naturally more often and use cool air if you need to speed things up. hair straighteners are also no good for your hair type either as they make it even more fragile . as for the perfect curly hair cut you have to remember one simple principle the shorter the hairstyle the curlier your hair will be, and don’t let your hairdresser wet your hair before cutting it curly hair may have a completely different form as it dries, so it’s better not to get it at all

                                Type 4 Coily

  • 4A hair has an S-shaped pattern if you stretch it but usually, it’s just tight coils. It tends to be thin brittle and fragile.
  • 4B hair bends with really sharp angles and often has a z shape and zig-zag-like curls just like 4A this type is pretty fragile
  • 4c type is the hardest to style and takes care of. it doesn’t have a definite curls pattern which makes it looks awesome but extremely hard to comb. it also has the greatest shrinkage out of all the types.

                                              Tips for group type 4 Coily

Tightly Curled and Kinky hair your hair doesn’t get oily that easily so unlike hair type 1 you don’t have to wash it that often. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick your hair care products wisely. The softer your shampoo and conditioners are the. With good enough conditioners you can sometimes even go shampoo free for a day just wet your hair apply some conditioners rinse it off and let your hair dry. believe me, it will look fantastic .essential oils should be best friends as well .It’s better to apply them to the ends as they are the most fragile but on appositive note blow drying shouldn’t be too hard for you in cold air 10 to 15 minutes of your time and it’s done. just don’t forget to do some towel action before that your dreamy curls will lose their form. Your best haircut option is shoulder length or below shoulder length, since the shorter the curler rules apply to you too.

Still no matter what your hair type you should always do two things take care of it and down it this way you will always look a million bucks.

                                                 Treatment and Cause

Strengthening gets into the hair shafts and prepares back to the hair shaft. It doesn’t moisture hair because after treatment one feet normal hair.

Women can experience many different types of hair loss there are more common reasons to experience hair loss for example female pattern hair loss from stress from thyroid disease from bringing anemic or having deficiency iron stores having nutritional deficiencies there are other less common types of hair loss that can also affect women those are usually related to the immune system and are treated much differently than our than other types of hair loss.

Advise a boars certified dermatologist because it is really important to figure out why you are having hair loss and have it addressed opportunity. So if you were to come in and see us via.

                                                       Causes of losing Hair

  • You lose up to 100 hairs every day and that’s normal in most people those hairs grow back but many men and women lose their hair as they grow older.
  • Certain deceases You can also lose your hair if you have such as thyroid problems diabetes or lupus.
  • If you have certain medicines or have chemotherapy for cancer you may also lose your hair.
  • Other causes are stress a low-protein diet a family or poor nutrition.
  • Treatments for hair loss depend on the cause.
  • In some cases treating the underline cause will correct the problem
  • Other treatments include medicine and hair restoration.
  • Hair fall treatment keratin protein 30% blood.Hair growth scale 0.3 —0.5 mm growth daily month 1.25 mm —0.5 inches monthly ……15 cm ….6 m year.
  • Fact 3: Facial hair grows faster than any other part of an average man grows his bear would grow larger in length than a killer whale.
  • Fact 2: average person losses 100 hair every day.
  • In women’s hair loss following the season of pregnancy illness dietitians
  • Fact 3: Human hair is stronger than copper wire.


Dr. Koray Erdogan is one of the most popular hair transplant surgeons in both Turkey and the World. He performs FUE hair transplant surgeries at the Ahmed Surgical Center in Istanbul (founded and leaded by Dr. Koray Erdogan) with his team of six other physicians who are specialists in their respective fields.


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