Skincare, Treatments And Benefits

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Skin is the very expensive, delicate, sensitive dress of our body. Skin can’t speak but tells the whole story about you. A velvety overcoat of cells and protein keeps us in and the rest of the world out. It is our armor radiator, untrained to receive pain and pleasure, it’s the body’s biggest organ SKIN.

Smooth and silky to the eyes and touch a closer look presents a very different landscape magnified 600 times our outermost skin is nothing but dead cells riddled with ridges and groves and popped with countless bumps and holes.

Look closer still and we find hundreds of thousands of bacteria inhabit every square inch of us with every tick of the clock our dead skin gets left off we shed at least 600000 particles of skin an hour.

Simply if you want your skin to be happy follow the routine right nutrition exercise. Newton’s laws of skin care with simple rules without any confusion because its physics and newton’s laws are very simple. Any action is visible on our skin.

We use sunblock to protect ourselves from UV but think about how cell phones destroy our skin, especially our eyes.

Before you use any product, check your skin type (read our blog skin type for the test).

Facial Care Tips

Skin problems are most common in females compared to males because of makeup. Most of us use makeup or creams recommended by friends. What is our skin type (read our blog skin to test your skin type)? Check your soap and clean it. Western working women face skin problems.

Skincare routine And Skin Care Advices
Skincare routine (consult with a dermatologist or certified beautician for any product) may be consultant or beauticians refer to the product in they gets more commission.


  • Step 1 cleanser. Use quality cleansers. use gently don’t rub your skin.
  • Step 2 sunblock is essential. Sunblock protects your skin from ultraviolet rays


  • Cleanser to clear up skin from make.
  • Toner: Rose Water
  • Serums with rich vitamin use imported products.
  • Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated.


  • Cleanser face
  • Scrub to remove dead cells from the skin face and lip
  • Mask face and neck
  • Tonner rose water
  • Moisturizer
  • Icing
  • Steaming
  • If you are lazy
  • Mask plus exfoliator


  • Cleaner
  • Massage cream
  • Bleach
  • Scrub
  • Skin polish
  • Mask

Facial Treatment for Glowing Skin
Hydra Facial
Machine function

Cleanser sucks all dirt from the skin and opens the pores. Skin start breathing after cleaning. Apply certain serums according to the patient skin intensity concentration duration everything is modified.

Cold Hammer
It is used for open pores. Temperature can be adjusted according to place. Spray gun it is used for oxygen therapy. If the skin is dehydrated then it makes the skin hydrated and gives an instant glow to the skin.

RF probes (two probes)
Probe1. One is for full face.
Probe2. The other is for under eye it has a minute current to achieve a tightening effect.

Use for massage effect.
It has a capsule, properly infuse the serums into the dermis of the patient.

Face Mask : Apply the mask(good company mask) according to the skin type.

Meso gun
Final touch-up.
Enriched serums are used.

Precaution: The machine should be operated by a doctor or trained person. The product used for facials must be from an authorized pharmaceutical company. The patient should provide medical history.

Hydra facial is the solution

• Fine lines wrinkle dark circles pores acne scars
• It is a cosmetic procedure. 3 to five sittings will overcome to your problem.
• Skin rejuvenation
• Dead cells will be removed
• Imported serums are used
• Operated by professionally qualified doctors.
• Blackheads will be completely removed
• Immediate removed
• Fifth layer

Three steps procedures:
1. Serums removing dead layers
2. Exfoliation
3. Dust white head black head with low concentrated selic acid dead Hedonic acid is used to pump up the akin.
4. to 5 the multiple sections.

Tips for Glowing Skin
Basic Routine for Skin
Most people don’t realize that small tweaks can make a big difference when it comes to skin.

1. Cleansers
Exfoliation once or twice a week helps in removing dead cells which gives you brighter look. Buy reliable and expensive products.

2. Moisturizer
Keep your face moisturized is the key to maintaining healthy skin

3. Sunscreen
Apply sunscreen every day even in winter to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Hydrate
Use serum or oil underneath your moisturizer to give your skin an extra boost to hydrate.
Collagen is the protein presentation in the body It decreases when invest in quality products.

Follow the simple rules to keep your skin fresh:
• Avoid alcohol
• Avoid smoking it is slow poison
• Don’t eat fatty foods
• Fizzy drinks

• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Water intake
• Lemon, alo-vera, honey
• Olive oil

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